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About us

About us

Almakan Rent Car is an LLC company registered on [Date, Year], by our Founder [Name]. We are based in Dubai and cater to the needs of the tourist industry. The initial years of our company were full of challenges and hurdles, like any new startup may face in the early stages. The integrity, wisdom, and strength of character of the founder were the crucial assets; that assured our survival in those initial stages. The strong leadership and organizing skills took us through that difficult phase.

Mr. [Name of the founder], the founder of Almakan Car Rental Company, understood that in this dynamic business environment of Dubai, providing high-end business services and staying competitive in the long run requires a well-organized and full-functioning business and organizational structure. His untiring efforts to develop that model of success proved fruitful with the meaningful investment of his time and energies. With the support of the efficient business structure at the back; and untiring efforts of our team, we have seen rapid expansion in our market share and have ourselves well established as a key market player.


Al Makan Car Rental LLC ventures to provide services in Dubai & the UAE to cater to the rising demand in the market and take the opportunity and thrive by providing meaningful solutions and invaluable services to the business community and the tourist industry. We strive to increase the scope and scale of operations for stable and sustainable growth.


We aspire to diversify and expand our operations to solidify our standing in the business community and play a responsible role in the overall progress of the Car Rental Industry. The challenges we face ahead will test our mettle to its ultimate limit.

The level of competition we expect is very high; due to numerous new entrants in the industry, we should find new ways to improve our teams' ability and effectiveness to deliver unique solutions. Our focus to raise and refine individual performance standards can help us rise up to those challenges, and achieve our collective and individual goals for the company's and personal development.

Formidable Fleet
With the brisk augmentation in our fleet size and continual upgrades, we boast an enviable fleet of exotic, sports, and luxury cars, which features some of the most iconic models. The brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedez, BMW, Maserati Porsche, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Lexus, Toyota, and Nissan are some of the big names to mention. We understand that for a business associated with car hire, the fine fettle and the road fitness of the vehicles are indispensable for the best customer experience, better the condition of the cars, happier the customers. We have strict maintenance and inspection schedules that help us provide; excellent vehicles in perfect condition for rental.
Unique dream
Premium Services
We commit ourselves to maintain high Service Standards; that enable us to fulfill customer's expectations and earn a good reputation. With higher demands around the year, we feel the necessity of establishing new offices; at other key locations and aware of the benefits of further upgrade our existing facilities in Dubai. We work with vigor and creative energy constantly to provide you with premium services. We have priced our service reasonably; to stay competitive, our keen market awareness and intelligence keep us one step ahead of our competitors. In the future, we have plans to increase our accessibility to clients by exploiting the opportunities offered by cyber technologies and digital media.
Unique dream
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